The DreamLab concept is simple, yet amazing. Launched just under two years ago on Android Phones it is finally available on iPhone allowing all smartphone users to play a role in helping to find a cure for cancer.

Created by the Vodafone Foundation in partnership with the Garvan Institute, DreamLab splits the computer processing requirements of complex cancer research down from one big task for a multi million dollar supercomputer and distributes it across as many mobile phones as are taking part.

Our smartphones are powerful, very powerful devices, and while we sleep, they sit there waiting to beep and wake us up, so why not put them to good use.

DreamLab works while your device is plugged into power, so you can use it at work while you’re at your desk too – once plugged in you begin the process of helping decipher some of the Garvan Institutes biggest problems.

The iPhone version is very different to Android. It requires the app to stay open, as it doesn’t work in the background. So in fact your screen never goes off – instead the app turns the screen black – you can’t see its working but tap the screen and the app displays again.

This is not at all noticeable in the day time or at work, but at night you might notice a very (very) slight glow from your screen.

Whatever the case, this is your chance to give back, to do something amazing without so much as lifting a finger (other than to tap the “Power DreamLab” button.

Download: iTunes (iOS)& Google Play (Android)