After launching an innovative lap ahead of the 2016 Bathurst 1000, the team at Fox Sports are back with a new version of the “Fox Vision” app, designed to be a companion app for those watching the big race this weekend.

The app this year features a 180 degree live stream which EFTM understands will include a camera inside Pit Lane as well as a camera on the top of the mountain.

Watching the stream allows you to twist your body and phone to follow the cars as they drive past, but be warned, they go fast!!

In addition there are some videos already loaded, and I recommend you check out the control room view – you’ll see Supercar’s Superstar director Nathan Prendergast at work, and it’s frantic stuff – amazing to listen to.

The racing car game is back though sadly this year the Augmented Reality version is replaced with a sub-par 3D modelled version.  This would have been the ideal thing to take advantage of Apple’s ARKit but not so.

Of course the lap map is back, an interactive 3D model of the mountain showing car positions and telemetry – probably the key second screen usage for Sunday.

You can download Fox Vision now at the App Store and Google Play Store, and if you’re a nut for your motorsport, Fox Sports channel 506 is now a dedicated Bathurst channel with retro races and feature stories to watch!  Enjoy!