Google do things differently. Rather than sending out a spec sheet and features of the new Google Pixel 2, they simply send out “10 things to love about Google Pixel 2” – and it doesn’t really do it for me.

This is Google’s second outright branded device, with last year’s Pixel getting great reviews but lacking in sales and market penetration. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone in the public using one.

So how do you follow that up? Especially in 2017 when LG launched the first almost top to bottom screen, Samsung followed with their “infinity display” and Apple’s iPhone X is about to hit with the biggest screen to body ratio of them all.

Well, you follow them – not quite as extreme, but a tall screen and much less bezel top and bottom, but most importantly you try hard to match their outstanding feature – Camera.

If there were two things to talk about on this phone they are Camera and Google Assistant.

Using some kind of magic – because there is only one camera on the back – Google is able to emulate the professional Portrait photography style that has become all the rage since the iPhone 7 Plus last year. That blurred background effect which from the examples I’ve seen look pretty bloody good.

Google don’t muck around, the Pixel 2 has survived DXO’s new camera testing and comes out on top of even the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Note 8.

The quality in bright and low light set it apart, and that is no small feat.

Then there’s Google Assistant. If you’re the type of person that loves talking to computers, this is for you. I for one have still nto found myself compelled to chat to a speaker or even my phone much – but if you’re all in on it, Google has you covered and the Pixel 2 is the phone for you.

Squeeze to launch Assistant, as with the HTC U11 – and while it’s different, it’s – well, strange.

Design is stunning, a sleek look, and it’s a genuine point of difference which should draw people in.

Once again Google have partnered exclusively with Telstra on the Pixel, while you’ll also get it outright at JB Hi-Fi.

With that air of confidence, Google has once again priced themselves spot on in line with Apple – arrogance I would say, but – we’ll see how sales pan out.

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