They say there’s an App for that, and we’re constantly amazed that there really is – even for those who slouch at their desk an need help with their posture – it’s called Upright Go and it works paired with a tiny device that you stick on your back!

Yep, you heard that right. Simple little thing, sleek and white in colour, not much bigger than your thumb. It’s got a bunch of sensors on board, and Bluetooth for communication with your phone.

A sticky back side of the device allows the Upright Go to be stuck to the top of your back and from there it’s all about setting up the app so the device knows when you’re upright.

You calibrate the device in your correct seating position, and after that you get a vibrating alert on your back to sit up straight.

Your posture info is visible within the app itself too:

I wore it for 30 minutes and realised how bad my posture was. For those who get annoyed by the vibrations but want to know how they are going in attempts to improve posture you can put it in tracking mode to record the data without vibrating.

There’s a Pro version too that can be used on the lower back mainly for those looking for help when training, but for most office workers the Upright Go is all you need.

And for those with a hairy back – fear not, the sticky adhesive doesn’t act like a waxing agent when you’re taking it off.

A small carry case makes reuse easy, and over time you can wash and care for the sticky side and replace it when required.

Upright Go is available at Apple Stores, Officeworks or for $149.95 or $199.95 for the Pro version.