So a Bluetooth controller for your Garage door isn’t new – though the last one I installed was great, it had no app and wasn’t much chop for multiple users.  So the opportunity to test a GoGate 2 opened up a whole new world.

At $170 for the unit it’s not bad value when you consider what it’s capable of.  Plus if you add the $45 door monitor (Wired or Wireless) you have an amazing little package.

I installed the GoGate 2 in no time, there’s really nothing to it for someone who loves a little bit of a tinker.

The Wireless controller is for the modern roller door that goes up and runs parallel to the ceiling,  My doors are 30+ years old, the old-school metal roller door that rolls up around a beam.  For those older style doors you use the Wired door sensor which has one sensor wired in place at the bottom of the door – and another that moves with the door and lines up when the door is closed.

A bit of app work and you’re also able to connect the GoGate 2 to your WiFi network meaning the door can be controlled remotely – no matter where you are.

If you’re wanting to take it to the next level you can even integrate a camera – unfortunately my Arlo cameras are not compatible with the system.

We never had the Garage Door remote when we moved here, so having this access on the phone is just so convenient.  And then it gets better.  Because of that internet connectivity – there’s IFTTT compatibility.

IFTTT (If this then that) or now known as IF – is a system that allows different gear to communicate with each other via online “recipes”.

So for example, I can make my garage door open when I drive into my suburb, and likewise shut when I leave.

The app is great, very easy to use, a slide up and a slide down for the open and shut motion – my only issue has been when my door grinds to a halt because it’s far too old – nothing to do with the GoGate 2:)

If you’re serious about your smart home you can have your door open, the lights come on and your security cameras turn off – just by driving into your street – pretty bloody cool.

Web: Autohome Solutions

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