Telstra customers are not happy, and they’re not just your average Telstra customer either – Telstra Business account holders are finding out the hard way that the new Apple Watch Series 3 won’t work with their accounts!

Both Telstra and Optus were first to market with their eSIM compatibility, allowing a single number to work across both your phone and Apple Watch.  However it seems someone forgot to tick a box at Telstra during the setup phase and it’s left Business customers unable to activate the One Number sharing on their accounts.

And we’re not just talking big business here.  Yes, CEOs of big businesses who want the new watch and have Telstra plans in the business can’t do it, but even a single person small business who’s account is a Telstra Business account can’t activate their service.

It’s a huge oversight, especially where you consider the wealthy “wanna have the latest” CEO culture could mean red faces at Telstra when the stuff hits the fan.

Telstra have confirmed to EFTM they are aware of the issue, and we’ve reached out to them for  a timeline for when Business Accounts will be able to activate eSIMS, but our understanding is that it could be early 2018 before it’s ready to go.