When you’re a recognised brand in an industry you need to be wary of those young upstarts trying to take your business – in the home security industry Swann are one of the biggest names, globally – and this week they’ve finally jumped on the wire-free camera train with a whole new range.

Swann’s move into Wire-Free security cameras follows the overwhelming success of Netgear’s Arlo, The convenience of knowing you can buy a product off the shelf and set it up and get them running yourself has driven the huge growth in this market.

Before these style cameras you needed to run power connections and even network connections to the location of each camera – no more.

Swann’s new solution operates at 1080p, with a 120 degree viewing angle and night vision.

Completely weatherproof they can be placed anywhere within range of a WiFi connection.

Cheaper than Netgear’s Arlo the Swann cameras do not require a base station or Netgear router, just Wifi, indicating they are directly internet connected and cloud based.

Swann say they have created an advanced motion detection system so you will no longer fall victim to false alarms caused by trees blowing in the wind, leaves falling or a pet moving around the home

This system uses passive infrared technology to distinguish the heat of larger objects like cars or people.

“Many people say they want to implement home security; however, don’t have the time or money to install and purchase an effective home security solution. Using our 30 years of experience in Do-it-Yourself security, we’ve introduced a unique product with the new True DetectTM Technology in order to deliver smarter security that users can truly rely on,” said Travis Bedford, Vice President of Asia Pacific at Swann.

“Given the Smart Security Camera is 100% wire-free and rechargeable, people don’t need to waste money on installation and can avoid the high cost of battery replacements. It’s also a great option for renters due to its affordability, portability and no drilling requirements. They can quickly and easily set up their camera and enjoy the peace of mind knowing their home or business is under 24/7 surveillance.”

Each camera has “local memory” which is accessed via your app. This is a good backup for the “what if someone flicks the switch on your home power” question that would bring down most WiFi and Internet connections.

You will receive notifications and can monitor cameras in real time via an iOS and Android App. Footage from the camera is stored on the camera itself for seven days, and for 2 days in the cloud, with payment options available to extend that to up to 30 days.

The new Swann Smart Security Camera will set you back $269 for a single unit, $499 for two and $739 for three ($969 for four), and will be available next month in Bunnings, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks.