The Summer of Cricket is about to kick off and that means activation time for the sponsors.  We’ve had beer fridges and interactive bobble heads before, this year, we’ve got the smart cap – the Baggy Gold.

XXXX are ramping up their sponsorship with the “Goldie” a baggy gold cap available to those who buy cases of XXXX Gold.

Once you’ve got a cap, which you can order using the code inside a pack of XXX Gold, you’ve got access to several hundred thousand dollars worth of prizes.

And I’ve got to say, the idea is pretty cool.

Each “Goldie” is equipped with a tiny beacon.  Tucked into the back of the cap.  This beacon can pair with your phone, and from there your challenge is to meet up with more people with a Goldie.

So if you have mates around for a BBQ – get them to bring their Goldie.  Three people in a spot and you get a random prize draw.  The more mates, the more rewards.

Imagine the number of these at the cricket and how many entries will be submitted at the games!

My only issue is you do need to sign up for SMS and email alerts when you sign up for an account – and there’s no way around that.  So get ready to unsubscribe if the spam comes.