Australia is a country full of tea drinkers, we love a Bushells tea more than an Italia loves a pizza, we even have our own Australian Breakfast tea because we were tired of the pinky pointed English Breakfast. For those four cup a day tea lovers out there we’ve been testing a new model from Russell Hobbs. Named after the man who was found lying in a pile of leaves (not really) this kettle holds 1.7L of water, enough to tea up the whole family in one boil.

Speaking of boil, the kettle has a blue illumination inside, which is just as well because the boiling process is so quiet you will need to look at it to know when it is done. The old ones used to whistle so loud the neighbours would pop around for a refill, now you can make a tea while the missus is still asleep and she won’t know you’ve decided to have a sneaky camomile.

The lid has a button near the handle to pop her open and a filter on the inside to make sure you get the purest and cleanest hot water on the planet. The power cord is attached to the base which means you can lift that boiling kettle straight off and into the pouring action without touching a single wire. We especially love the measurement window because it isn’t in confusing millilitres or litres, it is straight indications of cups. How many people? Four. Better fill it up to the four cup level then. Simple. You won’t run short of hot water and if you do you’ll be boiling another jug in silence anyway.

The Russell Hobbs Lunar Kettle retails for $99 with a two year warranty and can also be found with a matching toaster.