Beer and snacks is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. The bag of corn chips is always a nice companion to beer but so is a dip. While we have seen some preservative filled guacamole on supermarket shelves we decided to step up and make our own… partly due to the recipe containing beer. Here’s how you get it done.


  • Two yellow capsicums
  • Four ripe avocados
  • One bunch of coriander
  • One whole lime
  • A bit of garlic
  • One beer


  • Fire up the BBQ and place the two capsicums whole onto the grill, rotate them every few minutes until their nicely charred. Leave aside to cool, turn the BBQ off.

  • Grab a blender and add the avocados (just the insides, no seed either), a fist full of coriander, squeeze the lime in, add some garlic, add the capsicums (cut them up first, remove the seeds and stem) and then add 2/3 of a cup of beer. We used Dos Equis, it fits the theme, tastes good and is easily bought.
  • Blend the whole lot together for a couple of minutes. The initial recipe had 1/2 cup of water however we found that made the guacamole too watery so feel free to add a little water if the guac is a little too chunky.
  • The guacamole should come out like a mousse, thick enough to stand a chip in and not watery to the point that is all slides off the chip on the way up to your mouth.

  • Serve it all into a bowl and grab a big bag of original corn chips. Add some more beers and jump in.


It is SO simple and if we were able to do it then we know you can too, it’s a relatively healthy way to snack while also having a great excuse to crack a beer. With summer in full swing, this is the perfect way to dine in the season.