With summer right upon us there is something we look forward to more than anything; beaches and BBQs. It is the best time of year to be outside with friends enjoying the weather and some good company. Two other ingredients is usually required though, music and something to drink. We’ve found a product that is going to help in both of those areas.

Lanson Champagne, one of the oldest companies turning grapes into bubbles in France, has a product that will either make a great gift or needs the be the centrepiece of your next party. Buying a bottle of Champagne is fantastic with almost any food type, works great before a meal and is the perfect beverage of a toast in celebration. A celebration wrapped in a lovely box is how Champagne is normally handed over. Lanson have looked at the box and decided to make it useful beyond housing a bottle of their finest.

When you remove the Champagne bottle from the box you’ll be able to put the lid back on and find a perfect slot for your smartphone to stand in. With some fantastic design work this normally discarded box will help your small smartphone speakers sound much louder as sound is distributed into the box and out of the front grill. It’s the perfect solution to a beach picnic where a bluetooth speaker cant be found anywhere. It’s a battery free, connection free sound enhancer than will only make that Champagne moment greater.

The product itself is marvellous and speaks for itself, with 257 years history behind them, Lanson know a thing or two about producing world class Champagne. This bundle is available now for $40 at Dan Murphy’s.