When I first grew my beard, I thought it would be a great way to avoid the need to shave. How wrong I was. If anything, it probably takes a bit more effort to keep it tamed and in the right shape. Check out the Remington Durablade Pro.

This shaver is perfect for that quick tidy up around the edges of your beard, to give your neck the shaved look. It does come with four clip on attachments to trim the actual beard in sizes 1,2,4 & 6mm lengths. But even for someone that keeps a fairly short beard, I found this a little tricky to get the right angles to trim it effectively.

What I did really like about the Remington Durable Pro is the small attachment that clips on and keeps the whiskers away from the top lip and perfect for shaping the intricate areas around your mouth.

It’s a product that feels great in the hand with a soft rubberised handle. The rubber handle allows you to use it as a wet shaver and rinse it under water when you’re finished.

The Durablade Pro is an uncomplicated but robust shaver, perfect for the simple tidy up jobs where you just want to get out the front door. Available now at the Shaver Shop for $69.95.