Today at CES in Las Vegas, Dell announced a new laptop to their range, the XPS 13. From a glance you’ll immediately be surprised, it is so thin and beautiful.

Running the latest 8th Generation Intel processor this is now the most powerful laptop in it’s size. The 4K display will bring content to life and with 19 hours of battery life you could take ANY flight and never need to recharge. At 19 hours, it also makes this laptop the longest lasting in it’s size also.

Available in two colours, you’ll either be feeling carbon fibre or a white glass fibre on the rose gold model. This makes it feel good but it’s also very strong, light and helps the XPS 13 stay cool. Dell also used Goretex to insulate the components to reduce heat and extend performance and battery life.

Minimum specs of the XPS 13 start with 4GB of RAM, Core i5 processor, and 128GB of hard drive space. You’ll be able to scale it up much higher if required.

Weighing only 1.2 kilograms you’ll be able to travel light with the XPS 13 and thanks to the dimensions of the product, it will fit on a tray table on your flight easily. This isn’t common in 13 inch laptops.

And one more thing…

Dell Mobile Connect

A small piece of software can sometimes make all the difference. Dell also announced that Dell Mobile Connect will be available shortly, this is an application which allows you to make/receive calls and texts from your iPhone or use any app (including calls and texts) on your Dell laptop from an Android phone.

Dell is essentially allowing you to leave your phone in your bag as you’ll be doing everything on your laptop, staying focused and without reaching at other devices.

For a laptop running Windows 10, this sounds like the ideal Mac alternative to the point where it will be hard to consider the MacBook Air any longer… The XPS 13 is available in February 2018 so you won’t really be waiting long either!