Today at CES in Las Vegas, LG has announced their new TV line-up for 2018 and the key message is that they’re a lot smarter.

Your new LG television will be able to interact with you in the same way you talk to Siri, or a Google speaker, this can be done while you’re watching a TV show or movie at any time. To help understand how smart features would be used on the LG TV we’ve noted a few examples:

The children walk into the lounge-room and say “Launch game console”. They didn’t even have to specify what input of the TV or cycle through the inputs until it shows up. One command and it appears.

The girls are having a night in watching Love Actually and you can ask the TV “Who is that guy in that scene?”, the TV will then present the actor and their bio. From there you can leverage context and ask “What other movies is he in?”. the TV will show movies starring that person which you could then say “Oh, play Notting Hill then”.

The missus is watching The Bachelor, you come home during the show and you know the football is on, rather than beg to change the channel to check the score simply say “What is the football score?” and the TV will overlay at the bottom a glance at the game status. Everyone stays happy.

You’re about to go on holidays to New York, you ask the TV to “play me a video showcasing New York” and it does, whether from YouTube or another source. Then you can ask “will I need a jacket there next week?” and the weather for New York will overlay.

You’re laying in bed, you’ve been binging on Stranger Things all night and you know the next episode needs to be your last. You tell the LG TV “switch off when this episode ends” and it will.

Beyond commands to the TV you are also able to control other elements of your smart home, set the air conditioner temperature, preheat the oven, dim the lights and even order pizza.

Outside of the smart features, the imaging processor is also upgraded which will handle content, particularly upscaling and colour enhancement, faster and in better quality than previous televisions. All 2018 TVs have Dolby Atmos from 55 to 77inches and have wider viewing angles which means you could sit 60% off centre and only have a 1% reduction in image quality.