We’re just days away from the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and LG is spilling all the beans before the show, announcing their show stopping TV as well as some of the features we can expect on 2018 LG TVs.

Firstly they went big – big on size and big on pixels – announcing they would showcase an 8K resolution OLED TV packed inside an 88 inch panel.  Yep, 88 inches.  The current biggest OLED you can get is the Signature W series at 77 inches, and you won’t get change from $30,000 on that one, if not much more.  So just imagine how much this would cost.

It’s not likely to be a consumer product – it’s a proof of concept that allows for some serious bragging rights next week at CES.  Especially interesting that TV companies would talk 8K when there’s little or no chance of any content coming close to 8K in the near to mid-term future.

Any talk of 8K is simply to score points, not for consumer benefit.

That said, LG has announced new features that will make it into their 2018 range of TVs.  Including Artificial Intelligence.  ThinQ AI is LG’s name for their smart assistance, which is able to draw upon third party voice assistants such as as Google Assistant or Alexa.

With Google already available in Australia and Alexa coming very soon, one can assume these features will make it into Aussie TVs, but there’s no official word from LG on Aussie availability or pricing.

The new sets will also feature more advanced and faster image processing thanks to a new chip, so LG is really going all-in on the TV race.

More news next week from Las Vegas where EFTM will have a team of seven reporting on all the news from right across the show, here at EFTM.com, on Facebook, Twitter, TV and Radio.

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Hat-tip to Howie for the New Years “Resolution” headline inspiration:)