If you’ve ever left your keys behind and then tried to get into your house you know what a nightmare that is. Which is why we all have that hidden location where we keep a spare key.

It might be under the mat, but that’s a dead giveaway, or it could be hidden under a rock or a gnome in the garden. More likely you’ve gone up in the world and secured your keys with some sort of combination lock box – like this one:

Great idea – except, what if you forget the code? Or more problematically, what if you wanted to let someone have your key for just a one off occasion, like family visiting for the weekend – or perhaps you’re running an AirBNB and want the tenants to get a key on a specific day?

Enter the Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box. I installed it in place of the original combination unit with ease:

With an app on my smartphone, I can now simply walk up to the lock box – with my phone in my hand or pocket, and tap any button. It unlocks.

It automatically re-locks too after 5 seconds, and that timeframe is customisable within the app.

There is also a combination code you can use.

Within the app you can then share the current passcode, or a temporary code which will work on a set day and time.

Perfect way for AirBNB hosts to allow access to keys and not have to change the combination every single time they have a tenant.

Installation was a breeze, setup was simple, the app works well. Like many Bluetooth locks I’ve found that after some time you will need to re-open the app to enable the bluetooth connection again. Other than that – quality unit.

Pricey though, at $220 it’s three times more than just a combination version, but for those with an active smartphone household or those AirBNB hosts looking for some simplicity and process for their tenants, it’s a great option for sure. Available at Bunnings.