The NBN has many people confused, annoyed, frustrated. Chief among them are our elderly Australians who just don’t want the internet, but don’t understand why they need “the NBN” when they only want a home phone.  For those people, there is a solution.

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So you want a landline phone, but you don’t want the NBN.

What you actually want is a normal handset not a mobile phone, and you want it to work even in a blackout.  An NBN connected landline won’t work in a blackout, and the NBN rightly point out that mobiles are so common, and calls so cheap these days that there’s rarely a need.

What if you could get a normal “cordless” phone handset, and it would work in a blackout – oh, and you can keep your existing landline phone number too?

Problem solved. That’s exactly what MyHomeFone is offering.

Their handset is a standard DECT cordless phone, however built into the base station is not a cord to plug into the wall, but a SIM card to connect to a mobile network.

You’re actually making mobile calls, and receiving mobile calls – but on a landline phone.

And your existing landline number – those calls are magically routed to your new line.

Power goes out – no problem, the base has a battery backup.

It has big buttons, hearing aid compatible and even has an SOS emergency button on the back to make a call to a central base station where your family can then be alerted.

The upfront price is $99, and the monthly fee is $55 – that covers unlimited Australian calls and some international minutes too.

It’s not as cheap as just getting a mobile on an unlimited plan, but – for many it’s exactly the device they want.