Get ready to bring a big car, a mate and your muscles – along with a healthy credit card – Aldi is launching a 75 inch TV for just $1,699.

When Kogan announced their 75 inch TV in July it was $1,999 – that same TV today is priced at $1,899 but the limitations of online shopping for bulky goods limits the places that can be purchased (Sydney and Melbourne metro) make it not something for everyone – so when Aldi do the deals, the queues exist at almost every Aldi store.

This “special buy” will be in store on Saturday January 13 – and for $1,699 you’re getting a 75 inch TV – that’s 190 cm from corner to corner on the diagonal.

Specs show it with all the basics you need, but you will need help, at 42kg this isn’t one to try buy on your own.  Plus you’ll need a big car, the box alone is 184x20x111.5cm.

So is it worth it?  It’s going to be as good as the Kogan for a starter.  For an extra $799 you can get a Hisense 75 inch TV at JB HiFi – that’s going to be a better TV for it’s built in smarts and image processing, but, it’s $799 more!

In our tests, the cheaper 4K TVs like this are actually bloody good for watching 4K content, where you need to worry is when they are forced to upscale HD content (or worse) – and that’s 95% of the viewing time.

That upscaling required smart image processing, you’ll get that with LG or Hisense and others – but not so much in an Aldi Bauhn.  That said, plug a 4K Xbox or PS4 in, or a 4K BluRay player and you will be impressed.

Plus, your mates are going to lose their minds!

In stores at Aldi Saturday 13th Jan – good luck!