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Today at CES in Las Vegas, we’ve come across a company who is focused on your meat and making sure it is cooked completely perfectly. While a meat thermometer is not new, these little beauties are wireless and don’t look like a science experiment.

To clear up why meat thermometers are important is because you cannot see inside your steak until you cut it and secondly, you don’t want to open the hood and lose all that heat you’ve been retaining.

Coming in a couple of varieties the standard single Meater is a one prong unit which connects to your phone via bluetooth and enables you to track the temperature of your meat and receive notifications when it is ready.

The new variant though is a larger pack called the Meater Block. This is a pack of four however it connects back to a base station via bluetooth which then has wifi to provide a much wider range of connectivity back to your phone. Even further, you can also use your smart assistant like Alexa to hear where your roast is up to or change how well you would like it cooked.

The Meater products are available now from $129 and they do ship to Australia also via their website


Living in Sydney his entire life, Geoff has always had a close eye on technology. Through school and immediately after, tech held his focus. Attending University later in life, Geoff began his IT career immediately after leaving high school and has been in the industry ever since. In his spare time he launched a YouTube channel focused on consumer tech that had millions of views. This led to work on community radio talking tech every week and has now stepped him into the studios of 2GB / 4BC every Saturday helping people with tech problems and reviewing the latest gadgets.

When Geoff is looking away from the screen he can be found holding a glass of red wine, spending time with friends and/or watching the Formula 1.



  1. Gary Lum

    January 10, 2018 at 5:22 am

    While it’s still summer, can you, Chris and Trevor trial this with some barbecue creations as part of an EFTM podcast experiment, please. It would be good if one of you has one of those fancy barbecue things with a roasting hood so we can find out how it operates ‘under the hood’.

  2. Andrew Habner

    January 10, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    I got the single unit on the kickstarter and it’s a ripper! Been roasting and smoking since, very easy to use.

  3. Gary Lum

    February 1, 2018 at 7:28 am

    Based on Geoff’s fine review, I made an order and received my MEATER earlier in the week. So far so good. The meat on the Chicken Maryland pieces I’ve roasted this week have been moist, succulent and tender.

    Thanks for the review and thanks for putting on to this great product.

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