Got Netflix? It’s pretty cool right.  And it knows a lot about your viewing habits – the more you watch, the smarter it gets.  And Netflix loves to recommend things to you, especially if you haven’t watched in a little while and it seems Netflix is hell-bent on being at the forefront of a subtle but important shift in communications over recent years – away from email.

Netflix users in India have been prompted to add Netflix to their WhatsApp chat in the hope they’ll be keen to hear from the company with content recommendations.

This is not just some staffer’s mobile phone either, it’s a business deal between Netflix and the Facebook owned WhatsApp which EFTM has confirmed lists Netflix as a Verified Business:

The tests are taking place only in India at the moment from what we can see, so it could be months or more before a global roll-out.

Some users in India have signed up, and tested the chat, though it seems there’s no current staffing, or Artificial Intelligence robot monitoring the chat sessions.

I for one welcome our corporate chat overlords – Email is a tough place to get cut-through for any business, and when Netflix has such a personal relationship, able to send 100% personalised recommendations it makes sense to do it in a very personal channel – like chat.