Since washing machines became a product in every home there hasn’t been a whole lot of change in the laundry. Sure we’ve done a few renos and changed the colours, but in terms of the technology behind the washing most people have at best moved from a dial to buttons on their most important laundry appliance.

That’s why it’s fascinating to walk through a retail store and look at the advances available in Washing machines today.

Samsung’s FlexWash has to be on of the benchmark products around. And it’s an 18.5kg capacity too. That’s double or more what most people might have today, and it’s thanks to the boundaries being pushed more than just a little.

Remember that number – 18.5kg – relates to the dry weight of all the items you stuff in it – that’s enormous!

On the flex wash there are actually two machines in one. The main drump is a front loader at 16kg capacity, while sitting above it is a small top-loader with 2.5kg capacity. This means you can throw the bulk of the family washing in the main door, while the smaller and delicate items can go in the top loader.

Both are able to run at the same time.

Now add in the internet connectivity and app controls and you’re starting to really see the future. Now you can get an alert on your smartphone when the cycle is done! You’ll never forget again.

And tell me this hasn’t happened to you – urgent wash required!! Yep, those last minute or forgotten items – they can be washed in just 15 mins (up to 2kg of washing) in the front loader of the FlexWash.

It’s the all-in-one beast that no-one needs to know you have, you just take advantage of the time saved because you’re doing more clothes in less wash cycles!

The Samsung FlexWash is available now from Harvey Norman, The Good Guys and other major retailers with an RRP of $3,499 (Though we’ve seen it already at well below $3,000 in-stores)