So you take your handful of kale, add three slices of water melon, a spoon of chia seeds and six celery sticks. What have you got? You assume a healthy shake to start your day, perhaps it has 100 calories, maybe 200? How do you know? And where do you even get these recipes?

Today at CES in Las Vegas we discovered NutriBullet, at a tech conference…. why? Well, their latest model now has bluetooth and has a built-in scale. Let’s start with the bluetooth part.

Adding bluetooth to the now famous NutriBullet, means that you’ll be able to send data from your blender to your smartphone. This isn’t much use until you add the scale element.

The scale will allow you to properly track your portions. Using the NutriBullet app you could follow a recipe which will guide you through adding the ingredients and the scale will tell you whether you’ve added too much or not enough of each ingredient. By playing by the rules you’ll then generate a proper nutrition reading of what you are consuming and how it adds up over the day/week/month. There are so many recipes in the app to suit whatever your goal is so you’ll find one for you.

The team informed me that discussions are underway to bring the NutriBullet Balance to Australia at the end of May. In the US they are retailing for $180 so expect it to exceed $200 when it hits our great land.