A product currently under development and on display here at CES is the Qvie, a mobile and cashless private vending box. Think AirBnB or Uber. The Qvie allows cashless payments to customers to give access to the box to purchase a product so extra value and revenue can be added to the growing share economy businesses, like AirBnB or Uber.

Qvie is an individually designed cargo unit capable of storing products and a head unit with an e-paper display for payments. When a user or guest tap their mobile payment app on their smartphone, Qvie’s door will automatically open and the product can be removed.

The Qvie is completely battery operated, requiring a charge every month or so and is connected over the 4G network. Perfect for mobile operators such as Uber drivers that wish to provide drinks or snacks for purchase.

One head unit is capable of managing multiple cargo units so owners can create their own vending machine experience with different products. The ideas are endless but an Airbnb operator can sell things that guests might want quickly such as snacks, drinks or even mobile chargers.

The owner can manage information from the Qvie such as the frequency of door openings, when products were sold and the amount of product sold so stock replenishment is possible quickly. Expect there to be a fee for this feature.

The Qvie is currently in development but expecting to release sometime in 2018. A great little opportunity for shared service operators to provide something a little extra to their customers.