Playstation Shoes: Yep – that’s a thing. Paul George & Nike make a PS4 Themed sneaker

What do you get when you combine a Professional Basketballer with a passion for Playstation gaming an a Nike contract? Shoes – Playstation themed shoes that’s what.

NBN Star Paul George, Nike and Playstation have come together to release the PG-2 Playstation shoe.

The design draws on iconic Playstation imagery like the logo, colours and buttons – and puts them int a pretty impressive sneaker.

You’ll even get your own PSN voucher with a unique barcode on the back of each pair.

Paul George clearly loves his gaming “I consider myself one of the biggest gamers in the NBA. Ever since getting my PS2 for Christmas as a kid, my game has gone with me wherever I go, so working with PlayStation was something that felt inevitable.”

Good luck getting a pair – these things sell like hotcakes normally.

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