Today at CES in Las Vegas we came across a French company doing amazing things in the wine space. In fact, that is the only area they play in. As many amazing wines come from the French regions we shouldn’t be surprised that they wanted to do more when tech meets wine.

One issue many experience when drinking wine is the process of decanting, letting it breathe and waiting…. and waiting… before serving and enjoying. We’ve tested products in the past that can aid with this and many are doing great things, most are very expensive.

This product from Aveine is designed to connect onto the open bottle, it has a small touch screen on it with a touch sensitive pad to adjust the hours it will digitally aerate for as the wine is being poured. How you would know the amount of hours to set on the Aveine? You scan your wine with the app and Aveine will analyse it and inform you what it should be set at. You can go one glass at one hour aeration and then try another glass at five hours aeration. It makes drinking wine totally different, without decanting, experimenting with what works and creating that discussion with friend.

The Aveine product is the greatest gadget we have seen in the wine space, we had no choice but to award it the Best Gadget of CES 2018.

More info here