Thinking of getting into photography for the first time? Listen up.

Canon, one of the world’s leading camera companies have announced two new additions to their line of digital cameras which are sure to be perfect for inexperienced photographers looking for a hobby or even avid travelers who are in need of a solid camera to document their adventures.

Introducing the Canon EOS D1500 and D3000.

Both cameras have fairly identical stats. ISO range from 100-6400 (expandable to 12800), Full HD 1080p video up to 30fps and Video Snapshot mode, with the most glaring difference between the two being their megapixel count (D1500 has 24.1 vs 18 in the D3000). One would assume that the D3000 would be the more affordable option of the two given this inferiority, and it’s good to see a cheaper option available.

Canon outlined in a press release the wifi capabilities of the cameras and whilst such capabilities are not uncommon in cameras these days, one fairly cool feature of the D1500 is what’s called Near Field Communication (NFC), which can establish a Wi-Fi connection to a smartphone by simply tapping the device on the camera (compatible Android devices). Cool right!

In saying that though, who really wants to shoot a photo and have it instantly uploaded rather than finishing a day of photography and then choosing the best shots to upload after careful consideration? For this reason the wifi capability will not get as much use as you might think it would, but it’s a nifty feature anyway.

Now let’s make sure you’re aware, these cameras are not for you if you’re a hardcore photographer who wants top notch everything stat wise. These will just get the job done, take good pictures and with any luck, will help you develop a love for photography that you can build on with more high quality cameras down the track.

Good to see Canon moving further into the entry level camera range and really encouraging people to get involved in the world of photography.