The year is well and truly in swing and with any new year comes some new trends and the ending of others. We spoke to Bryan Tiska, Philips Shaving & Grooming Ambassador, about what we should do and not do this year.

DO get on the moustache train

Moustaches will always be discussed and contested, and have varied significantly over the years. I am here to tell you that the moustache is back in 2018. And we’re not talking the 70s moustache nor the handlebar look. Rather, a clean-shaven chin and sharp moustache that will soften a jawline or balance eyebrows.

DON’T shave patterns into your facial hair

Racing stripes, zig-zags or any other pattern shaved into your facial hair is a definite hair crime for 2018. And this recent shot of Zac Effron gives us another noteworthy disaster – blonde tips! Both of these looks should be outlawed this year.

DO glitter your beard for Mardi Gras

These glittered beards are perfect for Mardi Gras. What better way to utilise and dress up your facial hair? But note, this look is only for special occasions, and as Mardi Gras comes to an end, so should this trend.

DON’T bead your beard

While I hope most of you aren’t attempting this at home, I’m definitely calling it early as a DON’T. Beading and braiding your facial hair may actually mean having to cut your beard once you’re done due to damage. It’s best to leave this kind of thing to Jack Sparrow.

DO corporate sideburns

I have seen an array of sideburn styles as a barber, but what I am dubbing as “the corporate sideburns” is worth the head-turns at work. The trick is to keep them neat and in line with the bottom of your ear. There are many easy to use trimmers like the Philips Beardtrimmer series 9000 that will allow you to achieve this look.

DO fade and shape up

This impressive beard style will suit most face shapes and turn anyone’s look from ordinary to on-trend. If you’re feeling confident, you could try doing this at home, but booking an appointment with your barber will mean perfection every time.