While our TVs get better with new detail in the picture, better brightness and more smarts built-in, the one thing that doesn’t change is sound. A modern TV just doesn’t offer a solid sound out of the box.

This is where soundbars come in, and today in Rome Samsung unveiled two new soundbars heading to Australia in 2018.

The N650 is a slick and rather thin single unit soundbar with something Samsung is calling “Acoustic Beam” technology to delivery a “panoramic sound” experience.

In a thin package this soundbar packs in 5.1 channel sound, using 8 amplifiers power 8 speakers, and 56 holes each acting like an individual speaker. The sound that comes from the tweeter flows through a pipe which distributes the sound to each hole making it act like an individual speaker.

It’s an amazing acoustic design which in my limited demonstration most certainly packed a punch and gave a sense of surround sound despite it being a single soundbar design.

Taking things up a level the NW700 is designed to be wall mounted. A well designed mount allows you to clip the bottom of the mount onto the wall, then feed through your cables before lifting and securing the top in place.

In this arrangement the speaker points at the viewer, and the metal finish gives it a premium look underneath any high-end TV.

Because of it’s wall mounting, the wall of your home actually acts as part of the speaker allowing more bass at lower frequencies because of the positioning.

Hass Mahdi, Head of Product, AV, Samsung Electronics Australia told EFTM “The NW700 Sound+ soundbar combines the powerful and refined sound quality Australians expect from Samsung home entertainment products with a beautiful design that fits seamlessly into any home environment.”

“The NW700 Sound+ extends the range of stylish products developed at our Samsung Audio Lab. Specifically designed to complement our premium TVs, while providing high quality and immersive audio, the NW700 Sound+ will help Australians enjoy the ultimate home entertainment experience.”

“Sporting a slim and sleek external design, this soundbar is optimised for wall mounting beneath a TV and will look great in Australian homes.”

“With advanced features like distortion-cancelling, wide-range tweeters, multi-speaker control, and a built-in woofer, the NW700 Sound+ delivers a truly immersive listening experience for Australians.”

Pricing and availability on both are not yet announced for Australia, however you can expect them to sit in the mid-range, below the top of the line K950 with Dolby Atmos.


Trevor Long traveled to Rome to attend Samsung Forum as a guest of Samsung Australia.