And then there were none.  Samsung have today secured the NAB as the final of the big-four banks to join their digital Wallet Samsung Pay and it’s a big win.

When fighting Apple’s Apple Pay and Google’s Google Pay there’s really only one great advantage that can be gained and that’s customer reach.  For Apple the news isn’t great, while they have the bulk of the little banks, they only have ANZ from the top four.

Google’s newly rebranded Google Pay (was Android Pay) has some big names – minus the NAB, but none of the little guys, so today’s announcement of NAB joining Samsung Pay really puts it ahead of the rest in the digital wallet space.

Mark Hodgson from Samsung couldn’t hold back the excitement “We’re thrilled to be able provide the Samsung Pay experience to even more Australians. Our partnership with NAB builds on our commitment to providing a simple and secure digital wallet experience to every Australian using a Samsung smartphone or wearable”

“Today’s announcement also represents an important milestone as we are now able to provide Samsung Pay to all major banking customers across the nation. We believe that our collaboration with partners like NAB will help further enhance our mobile experience for Australians and look forward evolving the portfolio further over the upcoming year.”

From the NAB’s perspective, it’s a win for their customers with NAB’s Angus Gilfillan saying “NAB is giving customers more choice when it comes to digital wallets,”

“In addition to our own mobile banking app and NAB Pay, we are continuing to invest in giving our customers the best digital payments experience. We know our customers increasingly want to be able to pay for their purchases quickly and conveniently, and Samsung Pay is a safe and secure digital wallet that they can now use,” Mr Gilfillan said.

Huge for NAB customers with a Samsung phone, but nothing short of hypocrisy in the eyes of iPhone using NAB customers.