In this COVIDSAFE world we’re all looking for new ways to stay safe, touch less things but still go about our normal lives.

Caltex Australia has added a new feature to their app which makes paying for fuel easier and safer than ever.

Using their app users can now pull into the servo, fill up the tank, then reach for their phone, open the Caltex app which automatically detects using GPS which Caltex servo you are at, and all you do is tap the pump number, and choose Apple Pay.

Your FaceID or Fingerprint are used to verify the transaction, you’re back in your car and you drive away.

It’s strange at first, you glance at the staff inside as if to get the Ok to drive away, but you’ve paid, all good!

Caltex say they’ve had over 500,000 downloads of the app since launch so there’s a big chance of a strong take up here.

They are not the first to have pay at the pump via an app though. BP has this already, though their process is. A bit more complex, you’re required to open the app first, choose a pump, then fill and open the app again to pay.

Joanne Taylor from Caltex says the app drives loyalty and frequency of use for the company “In addition to our self-serve technology, the app is central to our strategy of streamlining payment solutions to unlock growth by offering seamless and frictionless payment options for our customers.

“With over 200,000 downloads in the past two months, our customers are already recognising that this app provides a safe and secure transaction when they visit our sites. The Apple Pay integration will further enhance these benefits for customers. We look forward to welcoming Apple Pay users to Caltex.”

For the security conscious, Apple Pay, along with other digital wallets offers the strongest level of security with your card details never shared even at payment, and all payments protected with biometric security.

The Caltex app is available now.