After the NBN’s changes to wholesale pricing late last year many telcos began to reduce the price of their (up to) 50mpbs speed plans to be the same as the 25mbps plans in the hope of driving speeds up for more users. Telstra today announced a radical improvement for almost 1 million customers.

The NBN 50 plan is now standard for Telstra customers, which means more of the new sign-ups will on the higher speeds, but more importantly Telstra is applying the new speed plan to almost a million customers.

And the best part is those customers don’t have to do a thing!

850,000 Telstra customers will have their speed tier upgraded to NBN 50 at no additional cost.

You don’t even need to call them. This is how Telcos should be operating so it’s great news for that huge customer base, and will have an immediate impact on many households.

Jana Kotatko, Head of Fixed Products at Telstra, said this would improve the experience for users“As the popularity of streaming content like Foxtel Now and Netflix continues to grow, we’re seeing data on our fixed network increase by about 40 per cent each year. With increased speeds, our customers will have the freedom to stream in 4K or HD on multiple devices without buffering or interruptions,” Ms Kotatko said.

Great news for Telstra NBN customers.