We’re not saying that the gym is a place where fashion is more important that form, but if we’re all honest with ourselves we all pay attention to what the fittest people in the room are wearing. Surely if they’re so fit and wearing a particular brand then if I wore that brand then I may become fit too. That’s the logic right? Lately, we’ve been seeing Under Armour in the gym a heck of a lot and then we hear about their latest pair…

What we also know is that red means fast and cool names drop a random letter – because no one has time for vowels.  Today Under Armour has unveiled the brand’s latest innovation in footwear cushioning technology called HOVR . UA HOVR is a cushioning platform, engineered to provide the ideal combination of cushioning and energy return. A pair of shoes that gets technical beyond design and focuses on function.

The HOVR midsole is made of a proprietary foam compound providing a super-soft durometer with incredible cushioning and shock absorption with every single foot strike. HOVR is UA’s third cushioning platform, in addition to Micro G and Charged Cushioning. This new pinnacle cushioning system delivers on runners needs to have a shoe that provides not only support– but also energy return and shock absorption.

Another key component of the HOVR technology is the ‘Energy Web,’ which is a comprehensive mesh web that contains the cushioning core, helping to maintain the midsole’s shape and, in return, delivers strong responsiveness and energy return. This combination of advantages makes you feel better and perform better – with HOVR, the shoe is absorbing some of the impact your body would normally feel, aiding in your comfort and keeping your legs fresh for the road ahead.

The HOVR platform will be introduced through two styles, the HOVR Phantom and HOVR Sonic.
Both styles are now available for purchase at most good fitness retailers from $170 RRP and like anything these days, “there is an app for that”, you can access Under Armour’s Connected Fitness Community by downloading the MapMyRun app on the App Store or Google Play store.