As many of us make the switch from manual to electric toothbrushes, it’s easy to look in the box, see the multiple included heads and just pick the one that looks most familiar. In actual fact, we are doing ourselves a disservice by not making use of the other heads, they all serve a purpose. In conjunction with World Oral Health Day and to ensure you’re getting the best clean, we sought the help of Dr Luke Cronin, Philips Sonicare Ambassador and Cosmetic Dentist at Quality Dental, to give us some advice.

Plaque defense brush head

Effective plaque removal is what electronic toothbrushes do better than their manual brothers. The oscillating head of an electric toothbrush has the power to more efficiently dislodge plaque build-up along the gum-line and in-between the teeth. This is important because plaque build-up leads to tartar, cavities and gum disease. Philips has designed this brush head with soft flexing sides so that it can adapt to the contours of your teeth and gums.

Gum care brush head

If your gums are constantly swollen, red and tender, you may already have or be developing gum disease or periodontal disease. This can often be the sign of a poor oral health routine and it’s important to see your dentist if you have these symptoms. The good news is gum disease is preventable and reversible with a good oral health care routine. Twice daily brushing using a soft brush head should form part of this routine. Philips have made their gum care brush head curved with tightly packed tufts of soft bristles to provide a gentle clean along the gum line.

Premium white brush head

It’s a given that as you get older your teeth are likely to discolour as the tooth’s external enamel thins and becomes more translucent. However early discolouration through your 20s/30s and 40s can also be a sign of poor lifestyle choices including your drink selection and diet. To minimise discolouration caused by external factors, for example daily coffee and tea consumption, ensure you have regular professional cleans and invest in an electric toothbrush. Philips claim their premium white brush head with polishing bristles can remove surface stains and visibly whiten teeth in just 3 days.

Tongue care brush head

Cleaning your tongue is a key step in your oral health regime and Aussies aren’t doing it enough, with 60% of Australians admitting that they never brush their tongue (Philips Sonicare research 2017). With the specially designed MicroBristles on the tongue care brush head, you can transform your toothbrush into a sonic-powered tongue cleaner. I can’t promise it won’t tickle!

Sensitive brush head

A sensitive toothbrush head is a good idea for those who have sensitive and often painful sensations in their teeth and gums. The Philips sensitive brush head features ultra-soft bristles and a special trim profile to cushion teeth for a gentler brushing experience.


I think it is time to take a good look at the head I am actually using, might be time for a switch…