The days of Grandpa Bob and Grandma Doris not knowing how to work menial technological equipment appear to be over.

A new government workshop in NSW has began to teach seniors the ins and outs of transport apps, showing them how to plan public transport routes, check bus or train timetables in ‘real’ time and top up their Gold Opal cards online amongst a range of other things.

The workshop is the latest effort to come out of the affectionately named ‘Tech Savvy Seniors’ program which delivers low cost digital literacy training to seniors so they can develop the skills and confidence they need to access information and services online.

The program provides training in computers, tablets and smartphones to help elderly citizens to stay connected with their families, friends and communities. Partnered with Telstra, Tech Savvy Seniors has now equipped more than 65,000 seniors with the important skills they need to keep up with changing technology.

“This new workshop will empower seniors to navigate our public transport system with confidence, maintain face-to-face relationships and stay connected with local services.”

“Websites and apps have changed the way we travel and I’m thrilled to see this important course now available to help seniors get familiar with our own Transport for NSW’s Trip Planner app, the Opal Travel app and Moovit,” NSW Minister for Transport Mr Andrew Constance said.

Already some great stories have come out of this program, with some Bupa Aged Care residents as old as 97 completing their Tech Savvy training. Having never seen a computer before in their lives, most of these seniors have email and skype accounts by their 5th week in the program, allowing them to communicate with loved ones all over the world.

However I must err on the side of caution, after teaching my Grandmother how to use a computer myself I can tell you that the twice daily emails you receive can be a little much.

Great to see seniors catching up in the world of technology.