It’s as if Chris Bowen has a direct line to Apple CEO Tim Cook. To celebrate World Emoji Day Apple have today shown off a preview of some of the new emojis coming soon to iOS devices – and there’s red heads and bald men in there.

As far as the classic smiley faces go there’s a new Face with hearts,

Cold Face,

Party Face,

and Pleading face:

For your more realistic faces, the People emojis are updated with Redheads,

Curly Hair,

Bald heads,

and Grey hair;

There’s a bunch of new animals coming,

And foods,

and some more random symbols just because:

And if you think emojis are some sort of laughing matter check out these stats from Messenger and Facebook.

  • More than 700,000,000 are used in Facebook posts every single day.
  • In positive news the ❤️is being used twice as much this year than last.
  • Women are using emojis more than men – 88% say they send emojis compared to 78% of men

The new emojis will come to an iOS update later this year, and of course other platforms will introduce their own version of these emojis soon too.