As the competition gets hot, the competitors just throw more wood on the fire.  Today Boost Mobile have upped their data allowances and international call inclusions as they strive to stay in the market for the younger demographic they target.

The $50 recharge on Boost now gets you a huge 30GB of data to use, and they’ve got data rollover which means unused data gets allocated into the following month.

There’s also a “boost” for people who call internationally – on their $30,$40 and $50 plans they are offering unlimited calls and SMS to up to 50 countries until February next year.

Jason Haynes, General Manager at Boost Mobile says “We’re constantly working to give our customers more of what they want, and we know that data is key driver for pre-paid plan choice. Today we can comfortably say that Boost Mobile Anytime Plus plans offer the most compelling data inclusions on the market, on the best network, and unlike other prepaid plan offers, are available with every recharge.

“Boost Mobile wants to always support the hyper-connected data hungry youth of today, who will now have even more data than before, on the best network with the best coverage. This enables Boost Mobile customers to not only watch the content they want, when they want, but also where ever they want.

Their full recharge range now looks like this:

Boost Anytime Plus TM  offer (from 3rd July 2018)
  $10 $20 $30 $40  


Customer expiry 7 days

All for use within Aus

28 days

All for use in within Aus

28 days

All for use within Aus

28 days

All for use within Aus


28 days

All for use within Aus

Standard National Calls & SMS Unlimited calls and text to national standard numbers
Data 1.5GB

(previously 1GB)


(previously 2.5GB)


(previously 5GB)

15GB 30GB

(previously 20GB)

Roll over No rollover Rollover unused data to use within your next recharge
IDD   UNLTD  calls to 10 selected  countries + 100 mins to 40 selected countries + 100 text to 50 selected countries* Ends 25th Feb 19 UNLTD calls to 15 selected countries + 100 mins to 35 selected countries + 100 texts to 50 selected countries** Ends 25th Feb 19