Introducing the Surface Go, Microsoft’s Solution to the entry level iPad

Microsoft has unveiled the newest member of the Surface product line, the Surface Go, which has been touted as the scourge of Apple’s new entry level iPad.

The 10 inch Surface Go is Microsoft’s smallest and most affordable device to date, coming in at $599. Microsoft has said itself that it seeks to strike a balance between versatility and performance with the Go and you get the vibe that this is for the person who jumps around the place throughout the day.. The person that needs a small, lightweight device to get around with. Sound familiar? Small, lightweight, iPad?

The Go is powered by a 7th Generation Intel Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y which is a standard, relatively low powered processor, but realistically speaking this device is not going to be great on its power specs, after all it’s only entry level. A fanless design offers up to 9 hours of battery life, which is pretty decent for its size. As expected it runs Windows 10, which is awesome news if you’re hoping to reap the fruits of a windows operating system e.g. the ability to run Microsoft Office etc. This could prove to be a double edged sword for Microsoft though, since the Surface Go won’t have the millions of apps available to it that a traditional tablet has.

“The power and connectivity in a device this small gives you the style and productivity Surface is known for in a more convenient package. At just 1.15 pounds (just over 520 grams) and 8.3 mm thin, Surface Go packs portable performance into a 10” device.  Starting at AUD$599 RRP, it represents a new entry point for the Surface family, while keeping the premium qualities that have come to define it.” explained Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer in a blog post.

“For a family at home or on the move, an expert on the front line of a business interacting with customers, or a school that wants to provide its students with the most versatile tools for learning, this device offers a premium experience with incredible value.” He went on to say.

The real question is, how will the Surface Go fare in its attempt to reinvent the wheel? The latest iPad sure beats it on price, starting at $459. It will ultimately depend on whether Microsoft can lure away consumers from a product and operating system that’s dominated the market for the last decade. A hell of a lot of people won’t be concerned about specs, their choice when purchasing will boil down to what they are already familiar with. Better the devil you know, right?

The surface is available for pre-order right now. 

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Introducing the Surface Go, Microsoft’s Solution to the entry level iPad
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