I know what you’re thinking – what has Robotics got to do with my Fridge, Phone, or TV? Well LG is much more than just those things, and Robotics is one of the fastest growing sectors in electronics.

Having done deals with “local” Korean startups over the last twelve months, LG’s latest investment in the US Based Bossa Nova Robotics is a sign that this is one heck of a serious area for LG.

At CES alone this year LG had numerous robot concepts, from Shopping trolleys to security, and in fact in the Airport as you fly into Seoul you’ll find LG security robots and even cleaning robots wandering around.

Bossa Nova takes LG into the retail space, as a real-time data provider in retail stores like Walmart you can imagine a future where the data combines with robots to restock the shelves to ensure there’s always supply to meet demand.

For us average consumers, it might not mean Rosie the robot is coming to help us at home soon – but the learnings from these Robotics investments build into the ThinQ artificial intelligence offering now seen on Phones and TVs let alone other LG products coming to market soon.

Welcome our new Robot overlords:)