There’s something about going to the cinema that brings me to eat popcorn. We’ll never buy or eat it at home, only at the cinemas, there’s something about sitting down with that big warm box and a coke bigger than your head that makes the cinema experience complete.

But let’s be honest, popcorn is getting a little boring…. until now.

Event Cinemas has announced some new flavours in their popcorn range across Australia and some sound so damn good.

Thanks to Parlour Lane Popcorn Company the following could be in your hands before the previews start:

  • Spicy Nacho: Ignite the fire within with this tastebud tickler!
  • Sweet & Salty: Enjoy the simple pleasures in life with this perfect mix of salty and sweet.
  • Salt & Vinegar: So salty, so sour, so epically delicious.
  • Salted Caramel: Creamy decadence with a hint of salty goodness – giving you the complete crunch.
  • Chocolatey: There’s no such thing as too much chocolate.
  • New York Mix: Bring together cheese and creamy caramel – a match made in gourmet heaven!

oh and for a limited time…

  • Limited edition VEGEMITE & Cheese flavoured popcorn

Yep, maybe an early mid morning movie session will be perfectly suited to some Vegemite and cheese popcorn.

All of the new flavours are available now in Event and BCC Cinemas.