Rumours Rumours Rumours, these days there aren’t many leaks that come from Apple’s supply chain – those days peaked a few years back and since then Apple has worked hard to lock down their teams internally at at the factories – so how much can we believe?

Lots – if not most – of what is written online is plain and simple clickbait.  Today’s version is the idea that the iPhone could ship with a Pen – like the Samsung Galaxy Note series.  Won’t happen.  Rubbish.  Could the next iPhone be “Apple Pencil” compatible – meaning the screen is the technology used in the iPad Pro? Sure – maybe.

Anyway.  Last year we got hold of a “case sample” – a dummy iPhone made in a chinese factory to replicate the speculated design of the next iPhone.  Case makers love these because they can get ahead of the curve with building their cases.

It turned out to be pretty spot on in most ways.

This year’s “dummys” are a bit more interesting to be honest.  There are two.

One has a single camera, and is larger than the current iPhone X.

The second has a dual camera and is larger again!

Honestly, hard to imagine – but – the speculation is that the single camera (lets call it iPhone XL – for Lite) one has a lesser quality screen technology and thus may be cheaper.   Then the iPhone X Pro (my name not Apple’s) – is a larger version of the popular iPhone X.

Truth?  Rumour? Rubbish?  You decide.

We’ll know for sure in early September.