Podcast: Two Blokes Talking Tech #443

We’re on a Roadtrip recording in Cowra, NSW – driving a Hyundai Santa Fe and Mercedes GLS400d, it’s been a great ride. High tech cars, great safety and an amazing satellite navigation feature in the Mercedes you have to hear about. Plus, in Cowra there’s 5G! Get that!

The NBN is all but complete with 11.6million homes able to connect, has it been worth it? Is $4,500 per home good value?

Will the iPhone 12 come with a power adaptor in the box? Will it come with headphones? Big questions ahead of Apple’s next big launch.

Google brings Dinosaurs to life in Augmented Reality as well as helping you find something to watch, and Amazon’s new Robot fulfillment center in Western Sydney.

Podcast: Two Blokes Talking Tech #443
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