As if bringing back the 3310 with the classic game of Snake wasn’t enough, Nokia are bringing Snake to life using Augmented Reality (AR) built into the Facebook camera app.

There’s two things to try out, and be careful, they could take up some of your time (addictive!).

Snake Mask is a fun AR filter, like Instagram filters which put bunny ears on you or other things, this one turns your head into the head of Snake.  You poke your tongue out the snake does the same, turn your head – it turns. But it also has an interactive portion, allowing you to bite on a “virtual” apple in the scene.  A good bit of fun for the kids.

For adults, I’d recommend the Snake Real World game – using AR you can place Snake on your desk, on the sand at the beach or whatever you want.

You then have a simple couple of arrows, left and right to guide the snake as per the classic game.  It’s gotta eat those apples.  Simple really.

It’s pretty easy – and fun: Try them yourself – click Snake Real World or Snake Mask or:

  1. Open the Facebook app
  2. Click the camera Icon top left to open Facebook Camera
  3. Scroll to the Snake Mask
  4. Ssstart to play!