We’re all living in a world where taking a photo or video is largely done on a smartphone. It is the most convenient option, it’s always with us and the quality of the images captured are good enough for an art gallery.

The downfall many of us face however is that when we are capturing video, we’re pointing the camera at a subject but the audio being captured comes from the person holding their smartphone. This can be a larger problem when perhaps filming your son in a choir or filming a speech being given. With the rise of vloggers, this is another area where better audio capturing in video is required.

Sennheiser, the masters behind audio, have a potential solution. The Memory Mic is a new product on the market, it’s the size of a matchbox but contains tech that will really fire you up. Built into this little device is a high quality microphone, a battery, bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB-C charging. It connects with your smartphone and allows you to capture audio in your smartphone videos at any distance.



The benefit of distance is important here. What actually occurs when you use the Memory Mic is the recorded audio is synchronised after the video has been captured. This means that you aren’t limited by bluetooth or Wi-Fi range, your subject could be 200 meters away and you’ll still have the audio of the person wearing the Memory Mic when you’re finished.


We have tested this in numerous environments and found the audio quality to be exceptional. It handles wind really well and using the app is very simple.

The Memory Mic is a white box with a magnetic clip. The colour may bother those who are used to black being the microphone colour of choice.

With four hours of battery life you won’t be running back to the charger very often however with USB-C charging, you also won’t be hard strung to find a source.

The use cases for this will be vast and varied however it may be rather niche for many. It is often that we see parents posting their kids videos online and the audio can be really important. Perhaps it is hearing the joy of your child ride a bike for the first time, or their performance at school, or maybe it is yourself who uses video for business or pleasure. There are plenty of reasons to put a greater focus into better audio, but you’ll need it to be a good one as the Memory Mic does cost $379 RRP.