Here’s one for the Star Wars fans – the young ones, and the young at heart. Fantastic Furniture has launched a range of Star Wars themed bedding and accessories that will transport your child’s bedroom to a Galaxy far far away…

We took a peek at the range earlier this week, and it’s pretty bloody impressive.

Everything from a simple bedhead to an entire bed, forget the racing car bed – they’ve got an x-wing bed, and an optional X-Wing storage box too.

Then there’s the TIE Fighter bedside table

The R2-D2 shelves and cupboard, to the Death Star table and chairs.

Kids will love these in the bedroom, but I can see a few Star Wars nerds putting the table in the lounge as a coffee-table.

There’s also floor mats and wall prints, plus a range of character cushions.

Come for the cushion, leave with a bedside table.

The full range from Fantastic furniture is below, with some items coming later than the initial October 1 launch.


  • Star WarsX-Wing Single Bed ($349)
  • Star WarsX-Wing Storage Box ($129)
  • Star WarsTIE Fighter Bedside ($129)
  • Star WarsR2-D2 Cupboard ($169)
  • Star WarsKids Death Star Table ($99)
  • Star WarsDeath Star Kids Stool ($49)
  • Star WarsAssorted Character Cushions ($15)
  • Star WarsAssorted Canvas Art ($59)
  • Star WarsMedium Lamp Shade ($39)
  • Star WarsMedium Death Star Rug ($49)
  • Star WarsSmall Logo Rug ($29)

Late October Range Drop:

  • Star WarsDouble Bed Manchester ($49)
  • Star WarsSingle Bed Manchester ($39)
  • Star WarsFaux Mink Blanket ($39)
  • Star WarsSingle Mattress ($159)

November Range Drop:

  • Star WarsKing Single Bed Head ($179)
  • Star WarsSingle Bed Head ($159)
  • Star WarsLucas 1 Seater Chair ($269)