I’ve had plenty of experience with Elgato Eve products at home. I have several eve door & window contact sensors, eve motion detectors and eve room indoor air quality monitors. All these products keep you posted about various events around the house via Apple HomeKit.

But here at IFA 2018 in Berlin a few new products caught my attention. New lighting products such as ‘eve flare’ and an ‘eve light strip’ are taking on the likes of Phillips Hue when it comes to smart home lighting.

Eve flare is a portable smart LED lamp that can light up with a tap or verbal command via Siri. It can provide up to six hours of illumination and be wirelessly charged. You can set the mood via just about any colour you desire, even outdoors with its IP65 water resistance rating.

The eve light strip is designed to accentuate furnishings such as under a kitchen bench or behind some kind of fixture. There’s a full colour spectrum and again it can be activated via a tap or Siri voice command. The most attractive benefit in my mind is the lack of a cumbersome bridge, which goes for all eve products.

An eve lock is also on the way that will provide the ability to secure itself once everyone has left the house for example. Again, you can issue voice commands to lock or unlock the door or even grant access to it from afar.

No news yet on Australian availability on all of the above, but as usual stay tuned to EFTM for updates.