The home humidifier and purifier market is starting to really take off. Dyson are leading the charge but here at IFA 2018 in Berlin we discovered this pearler, the Cado Stem 620.

What caught my attention was simply its design. The Japanese based company has created the most striking yet simplistic looking product I’ve seen in this space.

A steel pipe blows micro-mist up to 2.1 metres high, spreading the mist around the room preventing dryness. Alongside sits a transparent cylinder that holds the water supply.

A LED light at the base lights up the water providing both an indicator of the rooms humidity level and a decorative effect.

Better still Cado also provide a fragrance that you can add to the water, you can literally sit and smell the roses if you so desire. I doubt we will see the Cado Stem 620 probably won’t make it down under but is available online for 499 Euros.