It isn’t often that Australia holds any of the “biggest” things that get awarded. The tallest tower is in Dubai, the biggest tree is in California, the largest statue is in China and the longest tunnel is in Switzerland. Well, on October 1, Tia Maria is set to unveil “The World’s Largest Espresso Martini”.

Yes, on International Coffee Day you’ll be able to head down to Cruise Bar in Sydney and admire the 2.2m tall Espresso Martini. The large glass will hold the equivalent of 5,000 espresso martinis. Need a recipe?

The World’s Largest Espresso Martini Cocktail Recipe

  • 286 bottles of Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur
  • 286 bottles of vodka
  • 200 litres of Vittoria Coffee
  • Mix and sip… for the rest of your life.

If you do head down to admire the potent cocktail, Tia Maria has partnered with Vittoria Coffee, to offer free coffees between 10am and midday at Cruise Bar. If you have time to take it one step further, you can grab a ticket and enjoy a complimentary Tia Maria Espresso Martini (normal size) before sampling some new coffee based cocktails named Tia Popcorn Frappe, the Tia Coffee Tonic and Tia Flat White Russian. Oh and it is entirely free. Grab a ticket here

“The espresso martini is fast becoming the signature cocktail of Australia so where better to celebrate our commitment to making the world’s best, than overlooking the iconic Sydney Opera House. As a coffee loving nation, craft cocktail culture is taking many of its cues from coffee culture and vice versa, so it’s no wonder drinkers are looking to what’s next as they demand new and exciting flavour profiles.” Mark Hickey, Tia Maria, Brand Ambassador comments.

Our only concern here are the seagulls of Sydney. With such a large bird bath, any seagull that gets a mouthful of that espresso martini has definitely stolen it’s last chip!