If owning an iPhone XS isn’t extravagant enough for you take a look at this. Russian luxury brand Caviar has introduced a custom body that features an open mechanical watch. The Grand Complications Skeleton range allows for a normal functioning iPhone on one side, with a fully functioning Swiss accurate watch on the rear with open views.

Caviar has gone down this path before with iPhones, literally reengineering the back of the phone. This is no phone case, it’s fully integrated into the iPhone structure. At present there are three models available in three colours, Gold, Titanium and Pink Gold which makes use of actual rose gold. The back panel is adorned with detailed decorated figures to really ram home the intricate mechanical workings of this amazing piece of engineering.

Every design will see just of 99 examples made. The brand says,“We’ve been keeping this development as a secret for a long time, that’s why now we’re especially happy to present it to your attention. We ourselves are fascinated by the idea of meeting of the heritage of the past and the achievements of the future in the body of one device. We got used to thinking that a smartphone is all we need today, and this is our whole life. But in fact, our life is not limited by the technologies only. The passage of time, majestic and implacable is still worth watching by real hands. The watch is, if we may say so, the beginning of the progress, the mechanism, from which everything has begun. This is why a mechanical watch today is a real luxury.”

But before you add one under the Xmas tree consider this, prices start from $5990 USD! For more details click here.