Hitting shelves in November will be three brand new 4K home cinema projectors. Each of them comes at a different price point and while we don’t know the prices just yet – we do have some specifications.


The first model is the 270ES, Sony are saying that the “1,500 lumen lamp-based projector includes many of the features of the other two models, including a native 4K SXRD panel, HDMI 18 Gbps compatibility, 4K Motionflow and HDR capability at a cost-effective price point“. Now I won’t speculate on a price, but this model is the successor to the 260ES – so if you want some sort of price guide, that may be a place to start.


The next step up is the 570ES which comes with a groovy new feature, they’re calling it ‘Picture Position Memory’ and it can supposedly “quickly change one’s screen to fit any possible format including 16:9 and Cinemascope“, which is kind of awesome – we’re eager to see how that plays out operationally. The 570ES also boasts high dynamic contrast of 350,000:1. That’s exclusively for the AV nerds among us, for the punters it directly translates to “the projector looks real nice”.


Third and finally, the highest tier of Sony’s new projectors is the 870ES, this bad boy is rocking an “All Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens, an 18-piece all glass lens that ensures high precision in every corner of the image“. A new product to market, the jury is still out on how it will fare against other projectors but an interesting new lens nonetheless. It’s also sporting a ‘Digital Focus Optimiser’ to provide a refined imagine quality without the distortion.


Now as I said, we still don’t know the pricing for these projectors but keep your eyes peeled if you’re in the market for something next level. You can get some more information on the Sony website.