A night on the couch kicking back with some Netflix always involves 30 minutes of navigating the choices, 10 minutes of bargaining and maybe just going to bed because it’s too hard. For food lovers or wine lovers, we have five shows that you’ll fall in love with.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

This is new to Netflix and will have you forgetting your soy, gluten free, organic, free range, cold drip latte. It’s about what makes flavour, what is real food and highlights some of the best examples. If the first episode focused around Italy and their meats and cheese doesn’t pull you in then see a doctor. Check out the trailer below

Meat Eater

This is food at it’s rawest and purest. With multiple series in the catalogue now, the Meat Eater series follows hunters who traverse various locations seeking out animals, not for a sport, but for food. Their kills are skinned and packed for cooking and taking home. The series will go through food preparation and cooking but does have a heavy focus on the hunt. It isn’t just elk, you’ll see fishing, turkey and even moose. It may shock you but it is an important reflection on where food comes from and how much you should respect each piece of meat you buy and prepare at home. It may also encourage you to get out into the bush yourself.


Short for sommelier, this is a documentary about wine. Not just about people who know a little about wine, these are the masters of wine. The Obi Wan Kenobi of wine. It follows a group who taste and learn every detail of wine in hope of passing an exam that requires them to identify six wines based purely on smell, sight and taste. Many try and few pass. It will amaze you and will take you through a higher appreciation of the wines you drink. For me, it lead to completing my level one course, which I passed.


In Australia, a BBQ is what we see at Bunnings, 50 sausages, a pile of onion and a good ol time. This documentary travels around the world, including Australia, to experience BBQ. You’ll see the many ways that food can be cooked over fire and the different cuisines involved. If you watch this and still stick to a bag of sausages and onion for your next BBQ then you missed the point.

Chef’s Table

This is a little left of centre but it is so beautifully filmed and produced that food has never looked better on your TV. With multiple seasons in the bag now you’ll fall in love with the food served around the world from some of the best and unique restaurants. My favourite is episode is from Season 1 with Massimo Bottura in Italy where they take you through the stories of the food created and also to the source of the ingredients used. Again, shows like this bring about a new appreciation for quality ingredients and where focusing on one flavour, instead of combining many, can be the best way.